Poor Blog

This poor blog has been so neglected of late! There has been so much going on, and I've just been so incredibly tired; I just haven't felt like giving it the attention it needs/deserves. I need to suck it up and check Bloglovin' 'cause I'm waaay behind reading, too.
I grabbed my camera last week and just sat outside. I managed to catch this woodpecker that I've seen on the birdfeeders:

And, of course, those cardinals that still bring me so much comfort:
 I managed to get this female just as she was flying away:
Spring is just beautiful around here:

There's just something about a Dogwood; don't you agree?
Hopefully I can get back in the groove soon! Thanks for bearing with me!


Leftover Hodgepodge

1. Besides left over Easter goodies, what's something currently kept in a basket at your house?
I'm not a "basket" person. The only thing I have in a basket at the moment is some placements. The basket is in a cabinet. During the winter, I'll put oranges in a basket...but not in the summer!

2. 'The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.' ~Michelangelo Buonarroti 

So which one are you...the one who aims too high, or the one who aims too low? Have you ever seen The Sistine Chapel? Did you know Michelangelo's surname prior to answering this question?
*sigh* Maybe someday I'll see the Sistine Chapel. I didn't know his surname. I don't think I aim too high. I'm probably more guilty of aiming too low.

3. April 7th is National Beer Day. Hmmm...wonder how that's celebrated? Do you like beer? Have a favorite? If you're not a beer drinker do you have any recipes you enjoy cooking that call for beer?

Do I like beer???? Have you read my Germany posts? Maybe this collage will help you out:
As you can tell, I don't like dark beer. I really like the pilsners and lagers.

4. When did you last travel somewhere new? Tell us where? How'd it go?
Last October, CH & I went to Johns Island, SC. We camped in the county park, and it was amazing.  Even though we've been to Charleston a few times, this was our first time to really explore the whole area. October was definitely the time to go...at least during the beginning of the week!

5. The value of _________________________is greatly overrated.
I've got nothing for this one, so I'm not going to answer it!

6. What's a pet peeve of yours when it comes to restaurant dining?
Not having my water filled.

7. It's Poetry Month...share a favorite poem, either the title, a few lines you find meaningful, or the whole kit and caboodle.
I'm not much into poetry. I used to write poems when I was younger (jr. high & high school), but I don't have them anymore.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

I ended up going to 3 Masses Easter weekend. After the Easter Vigil (Saturday night), I put out my Easter Egg Tree and took this picture:
(You may have to click on the pictures to see the details)
I'm really enjoying my "big girl camera". I grabbed it on Easter and came out with these:

 (I've seen this woodpecker on the bird feeders before, but never was able to snap a picture of him.)


Birthday Joys

Yesterday was my birthday. It was the first one without my mother. I'm going to miss the phone call from her & Daddy: they would call us on our birthdays and sing "Happy Birthday" to us. Well, except for last year. Mama forgot, and it was her job to remember everyone's birthdays! Last year, I went to Mass with them, and then we went to supper. They offered to pay for me, so I let them. A few days later, Mama asked me why I didn't remind her it was my birthday, and I told her I wasn't going to act like a kid and tell her! It wasn't that important to me, but secretly I missed having her & Daddy sing. Mama could sing like a bird...Daddy sings off-key and can't carry a tune, but he sings anyway!
I had a plan to have Mass said for Mama on my birthday, but I waited until the week  before to go by the office. I was extremely surprised (and a little freaked out) that the 8:30 Mass was open. Then, last Thursday at the contemporary music group practice, the director decided to change the Meditation Song to "Were you There". I remember when Mama first decided to sing this during Lent. I remember her telling me about it, and then hearing her sing it. She really loved that song. The director told me to play the intro (I didn't tell him any of this beforehand). I could really feel her presence when I played it during Mass. We did 5 verses, but I told the director that I was only going to play 4. It was a good thing I did that, because I had a little tearful moment during that last verse.
CH had a motorcycle/camping weekend thingy, so after Mass I went by Starbucks for my free birthday drink. I got home, relaxed, did some stuff around the house, and talked to my MIL & FIL.  When CH got home, he had a present for me from my SIL (his brother's wife). Let me tell you, she is THE most thoughtful person I know.
After going to Starbucks, I thought about going by the cemetery but then decided I didn't want to go without Daddy. The poem that she put on the back of the picture couldn't have come at a better time. (You may have to click on it to see what it says.)
I ran out to get something to eat, and as I was driving home, there was a young man with his earbuds in, dancing across the parking lot. I'm talking full-out dancing, putting on a show. He was dancing to beat the band! He saw me, I gave him a thumbs up, and he danced harder! Made me smile!!!

I let the dogs out, and saw a couple of cardinals at the feeder. I ran in, got my big girl camera, and they were gone. I have the hardest time getting pictures of them; they always fly away just as I'm about to take a picture! Not today, though. I managed to snap some with my camera since I didn't have to get close to them.
 (This one was high in the tree.)

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