It's the Ultimate Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

I love a good party!  I've seen this banner/button on a few blogs, and SusanD.at This Day! is partying over on her blog.  So, I decided to check it out.  So, get your beverage of choice, finger foods, music, and let's get this party started!

Click on the button either at the top of this post or on my sidebar to find out all about it.  Since I'm new to blogging, this will introduce me to new blogger friends.  There's even a chance to win some free stuff!  To me, the only thing better than going to a party and meeting new people is coming away with some free stuff!

First and foremost, I'm a mom of 3 boys, 1 of whom (OS) has flown the nest and is in college.  Middle son (MS) will be flying in August, but he's staying close to home.  Youngest Son (YS) is still in high school.  We live in the SE U.S.A., in a small town in Tn.  after living in Ga. & SC.  We are living in the same small town (in fact, the same neighborhood) where I grew up, although I have never lived her as an adult until 6 years ago.  I come from a  large family (there are 10 of us), and most of my brothers  & sisters have moved back home.  I felt left out and thought it was time to come back home.  The town we live in is a wonderful place to raise children;  I'm extremely glad my husband was supportive of me to move home.  I guess it made it easier that he is a military brat who was used to moving around anyway, as oppose to me whose parents live in the same house that they've been in for 47 years.

I'm a full-time working mom; I love my job!  Working in a school system has its advantages (breaks & snow days!), and the kids keep me laughing.  That's what life should be all about:  laughing and being happy.  I used to play tennis in the summer with an "old ladies' group", but I'm going to take this summer off.  I love to read (I have so many books on my list but not enough time...especially since I've discovered blogging!), cook (the clean up:  not so much!), watch movies, go to hockey games (semi-pro), watch college football, college women's basketball (but only if a certain team is playing!), take my 2 little girls for walks in the park (as long as there aren't any other dogs in the park), and take rides in the mountains. 

As you may have guessed by the 9 siblings, I am a Catholic.  I am rediscovering my faith and struggling to be a faithful follower.  I'm very friendly, honest, and loyal.  I love learning about different cultures!  So, if you visit my blog, you may read about my boys, my dogs, my husband, high school sports, college sports, being an almost empty-nester, living in a small town, being Catholic in a small southern town, books, etc.  In other words, just a whole hodge-podge of things!

But, enough about me!  Hop on over to see what the noise is about at 5 Minutes for Mom:  The Ultimate Party Blog and meet some new friends!  Who knows, you may be one of the lucky ones who leaves with a prize!

As far as the prizes:
Of course my first choice is to win the Grand Prize:  a Toshiba laptop  from 5 Minutes for Mom  (Might as well dream big, right?).
My realistic top choices are:  Be My Guest Certificate (2 night stay) from Hilton Garden Inn, Soy Collection Moisturizing Candles Gift Set from Soy Delicious Moisture Candles, or a $100 Gift Certificate to Restaurant.com from Thrifty.Jinxy.
If I should happen to not win any of the above, here are my other choices in no particular order (from the US Continental Only Prize List):
28, 32, 36, 37, 49, 57, 70, 73, 74, 75, 82, 87, 88

Y'all have a good time and come back soon!


  1. Hi there.
    I'm stopping by the via the Blog Party to say hello.
    This is so much fun!

    Have a great Saturday!

  2. It is so nice to meet you :)

    We haven't been able to explore much of TN yet but I am looking forward to it :)

  3. Hi, I'm just clicking on random blogs from the thousands on the ultimate blog party and I clicked yours. Nice to meet you.

  4. オッス! Nice to meet you! :D Just stopping by from the party to say howdy. Love your blog.

    Have a great weekend and happy UBP! :D And hope to see you stop by sometime!!


  5. My mom is the 6 of 10 kids. Nice to meet you!

    I'm visiting from UBP! Hope you can drop by my Party!!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog; hope you're enjoying the party! We love Tennessee and usually vacation there at least once a year. Renting a cabin in the mountains during the fall is one of my all-time favorite ways to relax!

  7. Hi just popping over from the UBP! Love your blog. I have two girls 14 and 11 and they are so much fun!

  8. Tennessee is such a beautiful state! I can appreciate your desire to be near siblings - mine are my best friends on earth!

  9. It was fun to learn more about you. Tennessee is so beautiful. :)

    My daughter flies the nest in September. Not looking forward to that one at all.

  10. Thanks Mary, went by the blog party and wow, so much going on. Son-in-law worked on my computer today so, some issues seemed to be worked out, however, would love to win that new Toshiba.

  11. Hi Mary! Thanks for stopping by my blog. So excited to see a fellow sports fan around!

  12. So nice to meet you, so glad you stopped by my blog so I could come here and find yours, now a new follower, and I'm a gal from a small town too so looking forward to getting to know you more.

  13. Saying hello for the UBP! Stop by my blog and do the same!

  14. I'm Stephanie from "And Twins make 5! - A Mommy Blog". Just making the rounds via the UBP 2010, hope to see you around my blog too!

  15. Hey Mary, Thanks so much for the shout out. Hope you're having a great time at the UBP party and making lots of new friends. Hope you win lots of loot too. :) Blessings, SusanD

  16. I'm stopping by from the party actually, but I've also seen you at Suz's place so I recognized you!!!!

  17. Hello,
    Glad to stop by! All the best for you and your family.

  18. We have a lot in common! I am one of nine Catholic siblings (I'm #7) and am a spec ed teacher. I would also love to win a laptop; maybe it's time I caved and joined in the hop.

  19. Happy UBP10 Party!!! The linkys up there are insane, I cannot possibly visit everyone. So glad, I found yours. I am now a follower, you can also follow my blog at www.safehomehappymom.com

    Have a great week!!! Lets finish this party!

  20. I've always lived in a small town and I love love love it. Wouldn't have it any other way! I went into teaching pretty much because of the kid-friendly schedule!

  21. Visiting from the UBP2010. I really enjoyed your site.


    I too am from a small town and miss it. We vacation there now!

  22. Hi there! Just popping in from the UBP to be your newest Google Follower! Hooray! Hope you have a great weekend! Swing by my blog when you get a chance!

    Bridgette Groschen
    The Groschen Goblins

  23. Searching for some cool blogs, happy UBP 2010!


  24. Whoa - 9 siblings! Must have been a fun, hectic house!

  25. I missed the party.
    Boo Hoo!
    Had to stop by and say "hello", even though I'm late.

  26. Hello, was scrolling down and thought I would write something on your wall.. oh I know why cause I too live in a small town in northern B.C. Canada...I have only lived in two places in my life and I am going to be 59 in July.. I love small towns.. at least this town I have been in since July '69 we can get out by car, or by boat the last town I grew up in no road out, but a great place to grow up in.. I am a nana to three, mom to two beautiful girls, wife to a great guy coming up 38 years in Dec.. I too work for the school system, I work at an Alternate School as a Rehab worker, for 45 behavioral students.. and love it.. gee sorry to keep going on here so will ttyl hope to hear back from you...


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