To Make You Laugh

A friend posted this video on FB.  I thought it was hilarious!  I know that the stereotype of southerners is that we're not that smart, and this pretty much sheds a bad light on SC Education.  (When we lived in SC, we used to say that the state's education model was "Thank God for Mississippi" because SC was ranked 49th in the country, and MS was 50th.)  If it had been someone with a northern accent, I think it would've still been funny!  The fun begins around 1 minute into the video.

Now that I have you laughing, prepare to be amazed!  My FIL sent this video to me.  Really cool (the trying on part..the signing kind of creeped me out)!


  1. It is video Saturday!! I love Bill Cosby! Awesome video!

    I sure wish shopping was as easy as that! But then again I'd probably buy more!!

  2. Oh wow. That is the coolest shopping experience ever.


  3. Someone needs to get Bill Cosby a Garmin!! LOL That was really cute...There's a part of me that thinks "virtual shopping" would be really neat, then there's a part of me that thinks that is the height of laziness. Great videos!

  4. Never typed this one before...LMAO!

    Thanks for that!

    The shopping experience...all moms with little ones in tow need that experience!

  5. That Bill Cosby vid is hysterical!

  6. LOL...we say the same thing in Alabama...thank God for Mississippi....and we are 48th.

  7. You find the funniest videos! XBox is coming out with similar technology...there are youtube videos about it...I put the links on one of my blogs.

    Technology is too cool!

  8. I love Bill Cosby!!!
    I have seen that commercial for the clothes/fitting...love it cause I HATE trying clothes on!

  9. The shopping video was just crazy!! WOW!! To think that could possibly be in our future!! It would certainly save lots of time not having to try things on "the old fashioned way" which is what how it's done now will be called in a few years, I'm sure!! :)

    ~ Wendy

  10. The future is now. Have you seen the lego augmented reality kiosk?



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