One Way to Beat Boredom

What does a high school football player do when his team is up 52-7 and he hasn't played since the 1st Half?
It's pretty bad when you're cheering for the other team to make a first down in the first half.  Everyone on our side cheered when the other team made a touchdown.  Final score:  59-7.  The state instilled a "mercy rule" about 3 or 4 years ago:  when a team is winning by 35 points, the clock runs continuously.  It help keeps the score and humiliation down.
Note:  the score was 42-0 at halftime; the starters were taken out after that.  Our last td was scored off an interception at about our own 30 yard line.  That 3rd stringer was really, really happy!


  1. I like that mercy rule. one can only hope their next game will be so much more better than this one


  2. I was hoping for a flash-mob. :)

    Our team's usually the one the mercy rule's meant to save.

  3. Bounced over from Saturday Sampling, and I'm glad I did. I think your comments on your guest post are still turned off so I hope commenting here is fine!

    Your post spoke to me because I have a close friend who is really struggling with her role in all this. Although she is not gay, she has friends who are and the lack of support (and usually abundance of judgement!) passed down from the church has become a weight on her. I will pass along a link to your blog!

  4. I love to win, but I hate to see the losing team demoralized. I think the "mercy rule" is a great thing - never heard of that before.

  5. What a funny video! Thanks for sharing!

  6. The mercy rule is merciful.
    I love to dance to that song as well!

  7. I'm pretty sure Trailer High would be the "other" team in this story. It has been a long season for every sport!

  8. Most boring game ever. And how sad that our entire sideline and fans cheered when the other team scored! LOL I am a huge fan of the mercy rule!

  9. I like that mercy rule - still plays the full game, but just makes it go a bit faster. (Good for all involved!)

    Yep - I remember the days of trying to entertain ourselves during a big win, thanks for the memory lane.


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