Footprint in the Snow

Yesterday, my sister's post was titled, "Footprints in the Snow".  So, I decided to copy keep with her theme with today's title.
Last week, Joyce mentioned that she could tell that there had been some wildlife in her yard, and I suggested to her that she post pictures of the tracks and see if anybody could identify them.  Well, yesterday, when Ally was out checking out the boundaries of her yard  doing her business, I ran across this:
Here it is in the original picture so you can see just how little it is:
 Is it a raccoon?  A possum?  A skunk?  Any guesses?


  1. raccoon would be my guess, too. nice comparison. ;)

  2. David said that he thinks it's a cat due to the size. He said he thinks if it were a raccoon the toes would be longer. I think it's a pretty cute little print personally....but then again, I'm just a girl. :)

  3. I am not good at guessing. Nice picture though!!

  4. Rocky Raccoon has paid you a visit! :)

  5. Are there many raccoons in the area? My guess would be possum. Certainly hope it's not a skunk!

  6. I'm going with raccoon, too. The stride looks too long for a possum, too short for a squirrel.

  7. Hi Mary, my guess would be a possum..let us know if you see any!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog on Saturday, I have entered you for the giveaway!

    My parents have 5 grandsons, no granddaughters and this baby will be great granddaughter #2!


  8. we visited some friends last week for the championship game and saw deer and rabbit tracks in the snow leading up to their front door and on the porch. something about seeing those is just magical.


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