Meet Me on Monday

After a week of feeling pretty crappy (no other way to describe it) with the crud (chest congestion, coughing, sore throat, low grade fever) I'm back in time to answer some questions for:


1.  What is your favorite kind of fudge?
I'm not particular about my fudge.  I don't think I've ever had one I didn't like.

2.  Is there snow outside your window?
Not at the moment.  After having snow on the ground for a week, we had a couple of days without it, then got another dusting.  We may get more later this week!

3.  What is your favorite meal of the day?
Supper.  It's the meal that we all eat together and talk about our day.

4.  Do you text on your cell phone?
Not very well, but yes.

5.  Waffles or pancakes?
To make:  pancakes.  And to be more specific, Danish Pancakes (crepes) with nutella, peanut butter, and mashed bananas.
To eat:  waffles. 


  1. Hello,
    Thought I would hop on by via MMOM.Danish pancakes sound so good, Oh gosh just realised Java is talking about food again, this is not good for my waist line! Hope you have a good week.
    Helen x

  2. Hi Mary,
    Clotted cream is really thick cream we usually have with scones, strawberry jam and tea (I have added a pic on my blog for you to see)
    Helen x

  3. You lost me on Nutella. :) The rest sounds great though. And yep, creamsicle fudge. Basically a white fudge layer and an orange layer. Nummy! Have a great week!

  4. Hey, Ms. Mary...stopping by to say "hi" and check out your answers to Ms. Java's questions this week. HOPE you have a great week!!!

  5. Hi Mary!

    I never heard of danish pancakes! I learn something new every week!!

    Have a great week!


  6. Oh yum. I love Nutella! Have a great week!

  7. Mmmmmm, waffles!! With strawberries and whipped cream!!!!

    I'm so hungry now, lol!

    As per the 'secret', hopefully SOON!!!! I suck at keeping secrets, lol!

  8. Pancakes...yummy....from the Pancake place in Gatlinburg...my favorite. Sorry to hear you were sick. I am under the weather today...probably should not be at school...but I am. We will play this one moment by moment. Have a great week...and Nutella rocks.

  9. Hope you have a healthier week. I have had three girls with symptoms similar to yours. I feel as though I'm fighting it off now.

  10. Glad you're feeling better--Spring Break is right around the corner and we can't have you being sick then! Eat some fudge--it'll help. ;-)

  11. I'm hoping you feel better this week! Wow, more snow, do you usually get this much?

  12. Mmmm.... Nutella! I haven't had any of that stuff for too long. I know what's going on my shopping list!

  13. I would have to say that PB fudge is my absolute favorite!

    I also put PB on my pancakes, with a little syrup. YUM!

  14. Blueberry pancakes with maple syrup is the bomb!

    Newest follower from Java's Meet Me On Monday meme.

    Come over to my blog, if you dare.


  15. I've never heard of a Danish pancake, but I'd love it if you posted the recipe. :)

    Waffles sound pretty yummy right about now too.

  16. Is there some kind of fudge that is distasteful? : )

    Also, I wanted to let you know our mutual friend pledged my daughter's sorority so that's fun!

  17. stopping by from Meet Me on Monday

    I prefer to make waffles because i'm not good at making pancakes, but i definitely prefer eating pancakes.

    have a great week.

  18. Those pancakes sound so good.

    Have a great week!

  19. So you make crepes, I love them but haven't had them in years. I like most flavors of fudge too.
    I text but like you very slowly.
    I don't have a keyboard, just the normal abc,def,etc. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  20. I'm with you on fudge. I had rather go to a fudge tasting than a wine tasting. Doylene

  21. I would have answered all of those the same except the one about the snow. We've only had snow on one day this year and it wasn't much. ~ Ditto on the pancakes. I love to eat waffles but can you believe I have never made a homemade waffle before?!

  22. I would stab someone for peanut butter fudge. Home made peanut butter fudge....
    What is snow? I am dreading moving up north because of snow. Living in FL my whole life I've never had to deal with it.
    Supper is my favorite meal too, I love to cook from scratch and I love to see my family enjoy the fruits of my labor.
    I am a crazy texter/tweeter/facebooker lol!
    Crepes with nutella and bananas are my absolute favorite!

  23. Wow, can I come over for pancakes? They sound yummy!

    We've got plenty of snow, too much in my opinion. Can't wait til spring.

    Nice to meet you!


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