He's Baaaaack!

Yep, the little guy is back.  I hadn't seen him in about a week, but he made his presence known yesterday.  It's been pretty chilly here the past few days, so I'm sure he was laying low until it warmed up some.  He sat there for quite a while.  He didn't move at all when I slowly went to my pocketbook, got my camera, and took a picture.  Actually, it was a couple of pictures: I knelt on the floor to get this shot.  I was afraid he was dead.   As I was on my way to the restroom, I told one of the assistants about my visitor and told her that I thought he was dead.  She came in, got close to it, and as she reached down, it started squiggling away.  He started to slide behind the file cabinet, but the assistant trapped his tail between her hand and the wall.  She was able to gently grab his tail and pull him out without pulling off his tail!  She put him outside, and he quickly ran off.  I didn't even think about getting pictures until after she let him go.
Until next time, little guy!


  1. I am so glad he still has his tail...unlike all the lizards on my lanai. (cats!)
    He is free!!! Hopefully he did not leave any family members behind....

  2. I'm so torn between "Awww" and "Ewww". :)

  3. He's actually quite beautiful. She should have let him stay! They eat bugs!

  4. Wildlife abounds, yesterday a freaking bird flew in my back door whipping the dogs and me into a frenzy.

  5. You've got yourself one great assistant : )

  6. that is good she was able to rescue him and put him outside! I bet he was glad!! So you are done now with school?? wonderful feeling I would imagine!


  7. Yuck! She touched it? Not I, said the little red hen!

  8. I could have caught it, the tail would have been gone and the scream I would have let out when he moved would have rocked everyone's ears! Glad he is outside where hopefully he won' be lunch!

  9. I would have screamed! We don't have lizards up north!! Very cute post!

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    Have a great weekend!

  10. I'm so glad he survived his ordeal!! You, too, for that matter!!! : )

    ~ Wendy


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