Hi Ho, Hi Ho...Whatever

The title of this post was my FB post for yesterday.  It was back to work for me, and it felt like I had just been gone for a long weekend.
On the way to school, I passed the SRO (School Resource Officer) who had a truck pulled over.  After I got to school and saw him, I asked him if he pulled the guy over for speeding, 'cause if he had, I was going to slow down on that road from now on.  I tend to go a little too fast on that road; it's hard to go the speed limit!
I'm determined to have a good attitude this year.  Last year was rough for me in that department for some reason.  I told a couple of the teachers that I will have a good attitude this year; they were surprised when I told them I didn't have a good one last year.  I'm glad it didn't show!
Honestly, I really like my job.  I can't imagine doing anything else.  Even with the paperwork, which seems to get worse every year.  Even without the appreciation after bending over backwards to make sure a child gets the help he should get.
I saw one of my students this morning who is ready to be dismissed.  That's what makes it worth it.  Well, that and the smiles that I get most days from most of my students.  And the hugs!  There's nothing like a child coming up to you, just needing a hug.
The worst part of the day was:  no internet.  I managed to get my room back in order and print out a couple of forms that didn't require the internet.  You don't realize how much you depend on the internet until it's not available. 
The best part of the day:  seeing my co-workers at one of my schools.  There have been some changes:  1 teacher transferred, 1 retired, and 1 moved out of state.  For those vacancies, 2 of last year's assistants filled them, and a new teacher filled the other one.  The counselor retired at the end of last year but she walked in the door this morning.  I asked her if she forgot she retired, and she said she's coming back as an assistant!  At the end of last year, the staff took up money to present her with as a gift.  Yesterday during our meeting, she made it clear that she was not returning the money!
This school is very fortunate that most of our assistants are retired teachers; it makes for a very strong staff. 
Today is another day of meetings, but at my other school.  Can't wait to see what changes have been made there!


  1. I pray that this is your best year ever, Mary. I still think it's just wrong that you are starting school so early this year; but, it is what it is. I admire your determination to have a good attitude. The children that you are charged with assisting are blessed to have you in their lives. Have a great week!

  2. Sorry I missed you-it was a crazy busy trip. Sister in law and family were in town when I got back from the reunion so we hung with them for the day. Spent all day yesterday in the airport. And I do mean ALL DAY!

    Happy Back to School!

  3. Positive attitude means everything! Your year will most definitely be better, no matter what happens.


  4. OH MY GOODNESS, back to school already?! Where did the summer go?

    I know it's bittersweet - going back, the familiarity, the starting all over again. Glad your counselor got to come back...and I love that she's keeping her "gift!"

    Have a great school year!

  5. I hope you have a great year! I think your job is one of the hardest there is. As a parent, I want you to know how much I appreciate teachers who go that extra step in helping their students to succeed. Good luck!

  6. Sounds like a really strong staff. Smiled at the hugs comments...I use to love receiving those when I was a teacher. My kids hug me...but, you know what I mean :)

  7. Wow, you all start school early, don't you? ;-) Wishing you a very blessed school year!

  8. Hope it's a wonderful year. I can tell your students are very lucky to have you, you have a great, positive attitude.

  9. Oh Mary, I cannot believe y'all have already started back!! I think that by deciding you're going to have a good attitude, you will have a TERRIFIC year! Chin up...how many Mondays until next May? LOL

  10. Our school district had about 40 teachers retire this year (thanks to our wonderful governor). It's sad to see so much experience leave, but many of them will be back to sub, which is a blessing. All that said, a few people needed to leave. I'm looking forward to the new school year, though I'm ready to be done with summer school (Friday)! :) We start September 1st. How about you?

  11. It does seem like you've had a short summer, but a very good one. I hope you have a terrific school year full of smiles and happy faces from each of your students.

  12. If it makes you feel any better...I have to work orientation today. I will be leaving the house in just a few minutes. After orientation...I will probably work in my room. Then I will come home and pack feverishly for tomorrow. Have a good week....

  13. Always nice to see your co-workers after summer vacation. Sounds like a lot of changes happened. Have a wonderful year.


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