Guest: EWWWW!

I spent yesterday evening doing something I had no intention of doing:  cleaning out the pantry.  Yes, thanks to an uninvited house guest, I got to go through every piece of food in the pantry to check for signs of his feasts.  Most of it was untouched:  the bread, the crackers, the cereal.  There were tell-tale signs that he has a sweet-tooth; a fondness for chocolate.  Remember this?

 That was the last straw. That little so-and-so helped himself to a big chunk out of the corner.  War has been declared.  I threw out a bunch of food that was questionable and put everything else in plastic containers.  A trap has been set.
I have no clue how we went through several winters without any guests, and now that it's blazing hot, we have one.  Guess it's just too hot out there, even for mice!


  1. Oh NO! Not your chocolate bar!!

  2. Really? They eat chocolate? Who knew!?? You poor dear...You're just like me...Steal my chocolate and it is ON! Hope you get rid of it soon!

  3. Well, at least he has good taste! :) Put chunky peanut butter on a trap, that will get him!

  4. So sorry....How dare he eat your chocolate!

  5. Good luck! We had one in our garage refrigerator once, can you imagine? Guess he liked his nice, cold mouse-condo.

    I hate to tell you, but we've had them chew through plastic.

    Hope they leave.

  6. When he got to the chocolate it was time to declare WAR!
    That's a lot of work and a lot of bother isn't it? (then again, perhaps your pantry is more orderly than mine)

  7. Ewww! And the audacity of him to eat your chocolate!!

    DD just had a couple of visitors ... one who met his untimely demise behind their refrigerator and another who got caught in the trap in the basement. Ewwww!

    Hope your trap is effective ... and your visitor is gone SOON.

  8. Ditto to Bobbi's comment. I never knew they'd eat chocolate!

  9. Not a very bright one is he? He should know better than to mess with the chocolate!

  10. Ugh.

    Mark and I spent last week at a cabin in Maine -- when it got chilly the second day, the mice appeared. The cabin had a couple of traps in it, so we set them; snagged two right away. The third... Just hope that the trap kills the buggers right away. I hate it when it doesn't. :(

  11. A mouse? In the house?
    Did you call your realtor yet???
    Have a great rodent free weekend.


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