Lovin' my job

I love my job.  I really, really do.  The kids make me laugh...most of the time.
Last week, I told one of my second graders that I needed to call his dad because he is ready to "graduate".  (In technical speech terms, it's a "dismissal".)  He looked a little puzzled about this, so I explained that it meant that he had done so well with his sounds, that he wouldn't need to come back to speech.  I guess I didn't make it clear that he had to come until his dad agreed and signed the dismissal papers.  When I went to his classroom on Tuesday, his teacher called the rest of the group to the door.  This little boy looked at his teacher, so she went over to him.  I could see that he was telling her something, so she looked and asked if he was suppose to come, because he said that he "retired"!
Yep, my job would be just about perfect if I could just stay in my schools and do my job.


  1. Aww, cute...I love 2nd graders. Daughter2 is student teaching in that grade this year and she loves it too.

  2. I love it - the only bad part about my new job is no interaction with kids. I miss 'my' kids. Thanks for sharing this, I needed a smile this morning :).

  3. So cute!!

    I still love that old Art Linkletter show - "Kids Say The Darndest Things" I think it should be one of the shows they resurrect!

  4. What a sweet story, Mary. Definitely makes one's day, huh?

  5. 2nd grade is about the perfect age. If only they could stay like that.


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