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~ Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.  It was just CH, the boys, and myself for dinner. My parents came up the street to eat with us.  This was the year for my side of the family to be with our in-laws, but since a family member just had some major surgery, we stayed home.  Here's a picture of my parents right after dinner:
~  Thanksgiving Dinner turned out great...except for the ham.  Guess I left it in the oven too long, but on the bright side:  the turkey was really good.  I found a recipe for cooking the turkey breast in the slow cooker, so I opted to cook it that way to free up my oven.  When I got a new oven a few years ago, we debated getting a double oven but decided to just get a single.  I don't really need a double oven...except during the holidays.  Somehow it all worked today and it was timed perfectly...except for the ham, but that was totally my fault.

~  My Christmas decorations are going up this weekend.  I don't think I've ever put them up quite so early.   Before we moved to Tn., we had real trees so I didn't want to decorate too early and have the tree die before Christmas.  Then,  once we moved, it was still football season until the first weekend of December.  This year, football is over and there's no reason not to go ahead and put it up.

~  I think it's very sad that last night was the last time Texas and Texas A&M will play football.  I thought for sure this rivalry would continue even though A&M will be in the SEC.  A&M has such great traditions surrounding this game.  Don't know what I'm going to do if A&M plays UT (THE UT, not Univ. of Tx.!)...I guess it won't matter to me who wins.

~  We have a chance of rain/snow mix Sunday night into Monday.  The high on Monday is only suppose to be 45.  And...the heat in my room isn't working.  Guess I'll be a nomad on Monday and work in a different room.  Should be great fun.  Last winter it was broken, and it took them until almost the Spring to get it fixed.  It got old real quick.

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  1. I love my double oven. We use it fairly often (It's nice to be able to bake more than one or two batches of cookies at a time.), but we could survive without it. Sounds like your turkey turned out nicely; your parents look very happy! :)

    Sorry about your team. Happy about mine (Packers). Happy Belated Thanksgiving :)

  2. What a sweet picture of your folks. I think it is wonderful how close you live to them :). Turkey in a crock pot...never heard of it.I bet it was juicy! Hope they fix the hear in your room soon! We are more baseball fans than football. But there sure are a lot of football fans in TX!!!! A good friend and her beloved both graduated from Texas A&M. We will put up our decorations next weekend. The kids are looking forward to it. Enjoy the rest of your time off:)

  3. I love your new background.

    Our turkey cooked more quickly than planned, and as a result was just a little drier than we'd like. But it was still good.

    We get a real tree and put it up the weekend after Thanksgiving. Only once or twice did we have it get overly dry by Christmas. We always take it down the day after Christmas, though.

    Hope the heat in your room gets repaired quickly.

  4. I had a double oven and loved it during the holidays or when I did a big baking day. But your right only during the holidays was it used.

    Love your background.


  5. It sounds like it was a very peaceful and relaxing Thanksgiving for you.

  6. We had a pretty quiet T-giving here too... I'm impressed that you've got decorations going up already!

    I'm planning on holding off so as not to tempt my 1 year old into breaking everything...

    Happy FF!

    Heather from Acting Balanced

  7. Your blog looks so pretty. Sounds like you had a nice dinner -the ham. My tree is up but it will take a week to decorate it! When we were buying our new home 5 years ago it was past the point of picking that item out and they had already decided on a double oven. It really does help on Thanksgiving and for Christmas baking but otherwise we normally only need one. That was a great idea in the crock pot.

  8. gonna have to check that slow cooker tool out sounds awesome come see my fragments at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  9. Congrats on the turkey! We haven't planned when to put up our tree yet - clearly won't be this weekend, that's for sure.

  10. First off, love the winter background on the blog!

    Every Thanksgiving, I wish I'd thought to get a double oven. Even with me not cooking often, I've often wanted to cook dessert at the same time as dinner. There is no way I'm going to bake cookies at the same time as chicken! LOL

  11. I think it's kind of early for me to decorate too but this year I can't wait.
    Sounds like you've got some rotten weather coming. Hope your heat gets fixed faster than last time.

  12. Turkey in the slow cooker sounds like a great idea.

    Perhaps you'll inspire me to at least go look for my Christmas decorations.

  13. Don't worry, there is too much money to be made by continuing the rivalry. They will find a way for the two teams to play next year.

  14. I'm driving down to my brother's in Yuma so I'm trying to decide if we should decorate the outside or not.
    (ok, what I'm really saying is should I make my husband but up the lights).

  15. Belated Happy Thanksgiving!
    You have a beautiful Christmas background.
    Where did you get it?

  16. College football is really changing, isn't it? Here in PA there is a possibility that the Pitt-Penn State rivalry is going to end. One of them, I can't remember which (shame on me), applied for membership in, I believe the SEC.

  17. I have to wait until Christmas to eat turkey, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving as our ancestors stayed in Europe, lol !

  18. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm drooling just thinking about the delicious turkey! Christmas is around the bend, yeyy! Hope you fix your heater soon though :)

  19. Sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving (minus the ham). I have found cooking a turkey breast in the slow cooker does make it very tender! Hope the decorations are up by now! Four weeks from today is Christmas Eve!


  20. We have a chance of snow too...I can't believe it! I am glad your holiday was a good one. I will get my tree up sometime by next weekend. We watched the Iron Bowl last night and I saw where Kentucky took Tennessee. I could not believe it.

  21. Sounds like you had a lovely time! Sorry about your ham - I'll bet it really wasn't that bad!

    Did you get any snow yet? Let's see those decorations!!!


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