Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

~  Last night was the Community Band Concert.  The best part about it?  My parents were there.  One of my sisters came, too, and of course CH was there.

~  Just in case you haven't seen a bass flute, here it is:
I probably should've put my flute next to it so you could get an idea of how big it is.  It's a "honk of a flute", but nothing compared to the contra-bass.  The smallest person in our flute choir plays it.

~  CH got these in the mail and was very proud:
He got the Tennessee one for me, and the Dixie Chapter for him since he considers himself from Alabama (they moved there when he was in 7th grade).

~  The Small Town passed a sales tax increase last election to help build a new high school, so the county tried to pass an increase on Tuesday.  Half of the revenue would go to the school, the other half to the roads.  It failed.  It just breaks my heart:  the county schools (where I work) are hurting for money.  We spend less on our kids per student than the other 2 city school systems in the county.  Teachers spend a lot out of pocket and ask parents to help because there just any money for supplies.  Wednesday was a real bummer for me.

~  I have a student who spent a couple of days in the hospital with pneumonia.  He was back at school Wednesday, and I popped over to give him his "homework".  I went in just in time to hear him say, "Doesn't anybody want to hug me and tell me they missed me?"  It was one of the most precious things I've ever heard!  Love that kid!


  1. All schools are struggling. Here in Georgia we passed a resolution to give money to Charter schools... I am not sure if that will help but I suppose it is worth a try. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. I have never seen a bass flute. Off I go to do some Wikipedia-ing...

  3. Whoa! That bass flute is big! I'm glad you shared a picture ... I hadn't heard of a bass flute and thought it was about the same size as a standard flute.

    I'm not familiar with the Tear Jerkers and can't find anything using Google.

    It's a shame that the county tax increase failed ... I understand that people probably feel overtaxed, but goodness, it's for the schools!

  4. Now I want to hug that kid and tell him I missed him, and I don't even know him!

  5. I guess I should've explained what it is: It's a group for tear-drop campers/small campers (like ours); there are chapters nationally and internationally. They have get-togethers several times a year. We're just getting into it, but it seems like a nice group of people!

  6. Education is a subject close to my heart. I just don't understand why the children have to suffer, and yet politician can spend millions on their campaign. Why not use THAT money towards education!

  7. I dont get how we can bail out automotive companies, yet schools & teachers struggle like they do in this country. UGH!

    BTW - I had no idea what a bass flute looked like :)


  8. I don't have any answers, but I know as a teacher and a taxpayer, I DO GET EXCEEDINGLY tired of tax increases.

  9. I had never seen a bass flute before. Not that I'd want this spread around but I didn't even know there was such a thing. Now I want to know what it sounds like! We have loads of money in our county. We also have an awful lot of misappropriation of funds going on.

  10. I have never seen a base flute and I was in orchestra all through high school. It would have been funny to see a normal flute next to it :-)

    You know, as a homeschool family, we have always had to pay for eve ry bit of our kids education out of pocket. It can indeed be painful.

  11. Wonderful you had your concert with your family there. Would love to hear you play the flute and hear the other instruments too.
    I googled and found gatherings and events for the Teardrops. Sounds a bit similar to our Campervan and Motorhome Club here in Australia, though ours is not for just one brand of vehicle.

  12. I just don't understand how some people think when they vote, Mary.

    Love those tear jerker banners!! That would have made for a great bday present for David.

    And Thanksgiving is coming up WAY TOO FAST!!!!!

  13. BTW, I had Sally make those pumpkin muffins for dessert tonight. Finally getting around to fall baking. The weather is still warm, but the leaves are making life look more like fall :)

  14. Our referendum did not pass. The ratio of yeses to nos (noes?)was 1/3.That means our budget belt is going to get a lot tighter in the next year or two. A part of me is okay with it not passing (the new sports complex part), but I did want the technology and building maintenance upgrades. Maybe there'll be another referendum in April will the bare bones, instead of the shoot-for-the-moon approach.


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