Mule Barn

I have to admit, I only learned about the "Mule Barn" a few years ago.  As you can guess by the name, the building housed mules.  Not just any mules, but the ones that worked in the construction of one of the three aluminum plants in the Small Town.  When the steam engine arrived, mules were no longer needed.
The Mule Barn was renovated and used as a school.  I found conflicting statements in the history:  1 place on the Small Town's site said it was a school for black children; the other said it was for white children.  Following more remodeling, it became the municipal building and also housed some offices.
Sadly, the Mule Barn no longer exists.  The building that  houses the Post Office and a bank stands where the Mule Barn once did.  The building stood in that spot from 1913 until 1961.  The first city manager of the Small Town was quoted as saying that the building was built as strong as it was because "the mule was an important member of the construction organization."


  1. I love the phrase 'mule barn'--I don't know why. Maybe because of the images it conjures up in my crazy head. LOL You certainly live in a lovely place. So many interesting landmarks!

  2. I had never heard the term Mule Barn but I have seen structures like your photo, very interesting. Lucy from Lucy's Reality

  3. That it is the beauty of living out in rural areas. I bet your City Hall or Library might have a section on Old Photos of the Town, or something like that, which would have a picture of the Mule Barn before it was knocked down.

  4. That's some very interesting history.
    Thanks for sharing it!

  5. Interesting. Never heard of a mule barn. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love that closing quote. I guess it was built that high to store hay.


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