Fontana Dam

Fontana Dam is actually just at the boundary of the Great Smoky Mountains, in NC.  It was built during WWII, and a village developed.  The "village" is now a resort.  The Appalachian Trail crosses at the Dam, greeting hikers with a place to take a shower.  In fact, it has the nickname of "Fontana Hilton".  It is also a place where the hikers can arrange for a drop of supplies.
The actual Dam is the highest dam east of the Rockies.  Since it is a resort, there are plenty of activities available:  rafting, camping, cabins, disc golf, swimming, biking, and fishing.
For more information, click here for the visitor's center, or here for the resort.


  1. We drive through the Smokies as we travel from Knoxville to Asheville on our way to Hilton Head. I wonder how far we are from Fontana Dam ... it sounds like it would make a nice side trip.

  2. Okay, I've never seen this one. Didn't even know it was in the area. Guess what we'll be checking out next time we go (hopefully this summer or fall.)

  3. Wow, it is impressive. Would love to see it someday. I've only been to the Hoover Dam which is pretty amazing too.

  4. I've never been. How long is the drive?

  5. One of these days, I want to go to the Smokie Mountains! One of these days...

  6. I bet the hikers enjoy a chance to get a place to take a shower! I like looking at dams; its amazing too to read the history of how some were made; like one in Wyoming that took years to build because the weather was so bad.



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