Excuse Me!

People being rude
Let's talk about rudeness, shall we? I don't know what the deal is with people being so rude.
A couple of weeks ago, YS & I were having dinner out. A family came in: grandparents, parents, & 3 children. The oldest child looked to be a young teenager, the middle appeared to be around 10 or 11, and the youngest appeared to be 8 or 9. The youngest immediately went into a booth, took her shoes off, and threw herself on the middle child. He tried to get her off, but she persisted. She ended up sitting on the back of the booth (still no shoes). I could just see her tumbling off. The grown ups were oblivious at first, but then one of the grandparents said something to her. And she stayed up. Mom said something to her and she slid back down, only to jump back on her brother and end up back on the back of the booth. The adults were oblivious. No lie...this went on for at least 10 minutes. YS works in a restaurant, and he said that the bad thing is that if she were to get hurt, the family could sue the restaurant. Unbelievable!
It didn't appear that this was a special needs child. If she were, I could halfway understand. Halfway. Being special needs is no excuse. But I digress...
Tonight, we were in the same restaurant. I was sitting down and a girl who appeared to be late middle/early high school age had to get by. There was no "excuse me", she just pressed by, pushing me in the process. If she had just said, "Excuse me", I could've moved up and there wouldn't have been a problem. 
I can deal with being bumped and pushed if someone will just be polite and say those 2 little words. When they're rude, I want to be like this:
Sometimes, okay...most of the time, I will say "excuse me" for them, but I am kind of nice about it. At least, I think I am. CH may have a different opinion!
So, please. Next time you bump into someone, just say those 2 little words.
And now, I'll climb off of my soap box.


  1. In Europe, pushing and shoving is the norm, and it never fails to irritate me!! The French are the worst, but they all do it. Good manners have gone by the wayside along with common sense! Hugs!

  2. Oh my, don't get me started on rudeness and how a simple "sorry" or "excuse me" can go a long way to making things so much better. I noticed at the last swim meet, where a LOT of people are trying to come and go in a narrow hallway, the art of common courtesy in such tight quarters seems to be a thing of the past. As expected there was a lot of bumping, but there was very little "sorry" or excuse me" going on. :-(

  3. That is sad about the behavior of the kids at the restaurant. At their age they should have been taught better. Ruins the dining experience for others when there are misbehaved kids. Totally agree about the excuse me. That's just common courtesy here and something again that kids, no matter what age, should have been taught.


  4. We could blog about this subject all week and still not finish with it. I feel sorry for most kids today, growing up with parents who don't have a clue. So sad.

  5. Obnoxious people are everywhere. It's the parents....I know, you know this. Your boys (my girls) know better because we've taught our kids right from wrong. One of my favorite things is holding the door for someone and they don't acknowledge it. Me: "You're welcome, I love HOLDING the door for other people".

  6. Hi Mary! Thanks for visiting my blog. "YOYO" stands for "You're On Your Own." Normally this is every Wednesday for us since Alise has tumbling. I'm glad you've joined the link up! I've saved several hundred dollars with menu planning!

  7. Our world is changing and I don't like it. People do not respect others and are not being taught the way we were. Manners are very important to me.......

  8. I totally agree with you. I hate rudeness!!

  9. People blow my mind every day with rudeness.... it really is something that is happening more often. sadly.

  10. It all begins at home with parenting. In my opinion.


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