Low Key-For Me-Weekend

Ahhhh, the weekend. But, since I'm on summer break, every day is a weekend! (ha, ha!)
We had a pretty low key weekend. MS bought tickets for him & CH to the Brewfest that was going on in the big city on Saturday evening. I dropped them off then went to a Publix that I hadn't been to before. This one is right next to the University. I felt so cosmopolitan: you park in a parking deck and take the escalator up to the store. Have I mentioned how much I love Publix? Talk about no-stress shopping! I digress...
I got home, put the groceries up and did some things around the house. I had to drive back up to the big city to pick up CH, MS, and one of his friends, then take MS & his friend back to MS' house.
Sunday morning was Mass, followed by a visit to my Daddy's. He joined us for our usual Sunday night dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant. We ended up being treated by YS who paid for our meal!
Last night I watched the pilot of the new series on PBS: Poldark. It looks like it's going to be pretty good. Has anyone watched Wolf Hall?
For my photography class last Wednesday, we had to bring in 5-6 pictures. There were only 4 of us in class, so it was a good thing that most of us brought more in than that! My pictures (all are originals...no cropping or editing):
He really liked this one, but suggested that I make sure to look in all 4 corners before taking the shot.

 The mouthpiece on this is out of focus. He told us a trick to get the whole instrument in focus.
 This picture looked good on my camera and on my laptop, but when he put it on the "big screen" you can see that I had some shaking.

 He asked why I had the tomato centered on this one. I told him that I guess I thought if I didn't have it centered that it wouldn't be in focus. He suggested that I center it, focus it, then move the camera so it lined up with the "Rule of Thirds".
I only have 2 more classes left...this Wed. we're going on an on-campus field trip. Should be interesting...it's supposed to be pretty hot! 


  1. I like your pictures, especially the 2 hummingbird ones. Very cool!

  2. I like your hummingbird pictures! Nicely done! Must have been a national thing with the Brewfest; there was one here this past weekend. Glad you were the designated driver :)


  3. I love the pics. My fav is the doggie with the yellow wall :)
    Hope your learning lots :)

  4. We also love Publix, but we have to love Publix in Lakeland since this is the home of the Publix headquarters and the Jenkins family (founders). Nice to hear you love it too! I love your photos and especially the one of the flute! Very nice!

  5. Wish we had Publix in our part of the country. I've heard so many neat things about them. Get that photography class is lots of fun! Good pictures!

  6. Never heard of a Publix I'll have to google that. I saw Wolf Hall but I'm a history buff.
    Looks like your tomatoes a little farther along then ours. Lovely dog pictures.
    Coffee is on

  7. I'm impressed with the hummingbirds! I've gotten a couple of blurs before, but the only way I've gotten a clear picture is when they've been on a feeder. I'm jealous of having someone that knows photography critique your photos and give you tips how to improve them. What a great learning experience!

  8. I love Public too, and they're big where we're headed, but I think we have a Bi-Lo in our little town. How fun to be taking a photography class! I took a few lessons when I got my new camera, and it really helped.

  9. That first humingvird picture is really amazing. And I like the dog too, very cute.

  10. Mary, you are doing awesome! I wish I could take the class with you. I know your mama is tickled pink watching you do this!

  11. Wow, you are such a talented photographer!

  12. I like Publix. I just shopped at one on Monday. We don't have them in California! No I haven't watch Wolf Hall. I love your photos. I haven't heard of the "Rule of Thirds" but will look it up. I have a tendency to always center my photos.

  13. Your photography is wonderful. The ones of the hummingbird are remarkable!!

  14. Your photos are very nice ! Enjoy your holidays !


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