It Was Going to be a Weekend Wrap-up, BUT...

I started writing a Weekend Wrap-up post last night, but deleted it because we didn't do much. We went to dinner on Friday with friends (Hi, Rachel! We need to do that more often!) & started pinning places for our summer vacation. That was pretty much it. The Contemporary Choir played at Mass on Saturday evening, so I stayed in my pj's until noon on Sunday while taking down the Christmas decorations. We lead exciting lives, I'm telling you!
I was hit with inspiration this morning. Yesterday, while eating at our favorite Mexican restaurant, there was a mother and a daughter (she looked to be late elementary/early middle school age) sitting next to us. (I'm assuming it was a mom/daughter relationship.) Mom only said a handful of words to her daughter the whole time we were there. She was on her phone the whole time, even while she was eating. It would ping, and she would stop and look at her phone. Daughter didn't even spend as much time on her phone as mom did. She sat, looking around for most of the time. I felt so bad for her.  This is the time when she should be talking to her daughter constantly. She should be getting to know who her daughter is, and help mold her into the adult she should be. 
Yesterday wasn't the first time this has happened while we were in there, or in any restaurant. We saw a family of parents and young boy a while back doing the same thing. No one talked to the boy; he had a tablet in front of him the whole time. When the parents talked, they briefly talked with each other.
I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this is something I hate to see. One of my sisters said that she and some friends/coworkers put their phones in the middle of the table when they go out to eat. The 1st person to grab their phone during their meal has to pay. Brilliant....just brilliant!


  1. Oh, I like that idea with the phones on the table! I agree with you 100%. It's bad enough that the kids can't put down their phones, but for the parents to do it during a meal is terrible.

  2. I'll jump on that bandwagon...that drives me nuts. I simply do not understand todays parents. We don't have cell phones, and my son is nearly 19 and we still have family dinners every night, he obeys the house rules, we talk at dinner, and so on. But than again, he was raised in a Christian home with manners (p's and q's) and so on. We have family on both sides who do what that mother does as does the children. Just sad...and people call us weird...really...what's "weird" or "not normal" or wrong is not having a conversation with each other. I know of people who will be sitting next to each other and texting one another...

    ANYWAYS---sorry for that rambling comment, grinning. Have a beautiful Monday, friend.

  3. I like that idea about the phones in the middle of the table. We were at Panera Bread a few months back and a young family came in. The little one was small enough to still be in a high chair, probably about 18 months old. The parents were on their phones waiting for the food to come and she was trying to get their attention making sounds with her voice. I did feel sorry for her. We need to disconnect from technology and connect with our families; especially if we still have young ones at home (and any time actually)


  4. I know what you mean about people and cell phones!!! Our youngest son and his wife have theirs out constantly, even while visiting with others. It drives me nuts! They gave their two year old a tablet for Christmas, so now his face is glued to a screen, too. So sad! People need to wake up and put the cell phones/tablets away!!! Life it too short for that.

    Have a great Monday!
    Kathy (from Reflections)

  5. yep... its a world where no one has real conversations anymore.
    I so loved when my SIL made us put all our phones away at Christmas... needs to be a family rule for dinners & every get together.

  6. I really like the sounds of your weekend. Most of mine are about like that and it's exactly what I like. :)

    I agree on the phones. I have to admit, sometimes hubby and I do a little of that too, but never during the whole meal. Usually never while we are actually eating.

  7. breaks my heart too!! My daughter is a childrens librarian and sees this all the time. and she hears the parents say.... no , put the books back. we are here for movies..... are you kidding me? so sad

  8. I love the first person to reach for their phone has to pay idea....

    I will be the first person to admit I am addicted to my phone, but some things are sacred... I never take my phone out to dinner with me. I hate when people ignore their real life companions, especially spouses / kids to focus on their online friends...

  9. It's kind of a sad commentary on the state of life in 2016. Our phones have become an extension of our bodies it seems. It's fun to snap a picture when you're out with a group, but then tempting to leave the phone 'handy'. I'm making a real effort to be more present this year.

  10. I hate to see that too! Families are not communicating like they should and it is very sad to me.

  11. These examples make me so sad, for whoever is the one being ignored. It is so very sad.


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