Thankful Thursday

Rebecca at Knit by God's Hand hosts this little get-together every Thursday. It's a great way to stop and just be thankful.
This week, I’m thankful for…
...unexpected words that seem to come just at the right time.

...new Church friends who make me laugh. 

...soup on cold nights. And a down comforter. :)

...quiet weekends that involved the beginning stages of vacation planning.

What has you thankful this week?


  1. Those sound like pretty wonderful things to be thankful for! Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. Many things to be thankful for here, friend. Have a beautiful day!!!

  3. Looking forward to hear where you will be going for vacation. We are in the beginning stages of planning vacation too. Right now we are planning to spread the vacation out over the year and take 3 shorter trips. I love planning vacations.

  4. Theres something comforting about soup & warm blankets. I LOVE my down comforter in winter more then any other time of the year... I can wrap up & not come out for HOURS :)

  5. PS - be sure to add your link so others can come visit you :)

  6. the unbelievable weather we've been having, that I managed to get my office at least a tiny bit organized, that our sister who was recuperating in our retirement residence is now home!

  7. Blessed! Quiet weekends are quite a blessing. They don't happen too often. Hope you get loads of vacation planning accomplished.

  8. Nice things to be thankful for. Have a nice weekend.....


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